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PCI express Power management event with Vista

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Hi list,

I'm developing a driver for a PCI express card, but I have an issue

with remote wakeup.

Althought the option "Allow this device to wake the computer" is set,

and the device is still

switched on while the system is sleeping, the device don't wake the


I checked with a protocol analyser, the device send Power Management

Events, but system

don't wake.

The only documents I found on the internet specifies Vista handle PME,

but don't specify how !

Does PME handling need some specific registry entries, as MSI ?

Does someone activate PCI express PME handling ?

Any idea, or hint ?




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    • What type of device is this? Are you sending wait-wake irp to the bus?


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      #1; Tue, 20 May 2008 07:35:00 GMT
    • Hi,

      Thanks for reply

      > What type of device is this?

      This is a TV Tuner device

      > Are you sending wait-wake irp to the bus?

      Of course.

      In fact this driver is based on a PCI driver for the same kind TV

      Tuner, and remote wake up work perfectly well with this initial


      I read in microsoft document "CPA070_WH06.ppt" (page 8) : "By default,

      Windows Vista starts in PCI compatibility mode. No PCI Express

      features assumed or enabled".

      So, may be, it is only an activation issue, do you know how to enable

      PCI Express features in Vista ?




      #2; Tue, 20 May 2008 07:36:00 GMT
    • Wake-up mechanism from a driver point of view shouldn't be different and if

      the driver used to work on a similar PCI device, it should work on the new

      device out of the box.

      If you see a PME event has been generated, system should wake-up regardless

      of the OS/driver as at this stage all what's happening is in the system

      board/hardware context. Check the bus power management capabilities to see if

      it supports wakes from required states. Also check/upgrade BIOS and test this

      on as many systems as you have available.

      In my experience many PCI Express systems today aren't fully compliant with

      PCIE spec specially when it comes to power management.



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      #3; Tue, 20 May 2008 07:36:00 GMT